The Family Therapy team creates positive change for individuals, couples and families. 

A Message of Empowerment

Family Therapy’s newly-redesigned website is infused with warmth and authenticity through the use of uplifting images, video and written content. Images now depict the positive outcomes clients seek, and create a sense of calm and hopefulness. Each page now features a clear call-to-action, helping guide potential clients to call or reach out through email.   We also revamped the site’s resource-rich blog, making its sizeable archive easier to search, with user-friendly categories.

Online Strategy: Google Search Ads (PPC/SEM)

Family Therapy’s under-performing Google Adwords account received a major overhaul, including robust tracking to see exactly where their ad spend leads each month. Without significantly increasing their ad spend, we were able to optimize their account keywords, targeting, bid strategy, ads and more to win them record-high bookings each month.

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