About Us

We’re a dedicated team of digital marketing experts, creatives, developers & SEO specialists. We help local businesses spend smart on digital marketing and outpace the competition.

What sets us apart as a digital marketing agency is how we collaborate. Our marketing experts work in multi-disciplinary teams alongside our creatives, developers and strategists. In this way, each new campaign receives the full benefit of our in-house expertise to deliver best-in-class marketing solutions.

Our clients see us as trusted partners in their business success. We will take the time to get to know you, to listen to your business goals, and develop a right-fit marketing solution for you. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step, so that you’re in-the-know at every phase of the campaign.

Meet the Founders

Takeover Digital was founded by husband and wife team, Ash and Amelia Bright-Yassin.  Combining years of technical expertise, business management and bold, creative marketing talent, Ash and Amelia established Takeover Digital with the vision of helping local businesses reach new levels of success through cutting-edge digital marketing.

Ash Bright-Yassin

Co-founder | Managing Director

Ash leads strategic growth initiatives and inspires a strong client services culture at Takeover Digital. He is in charge of making our team as efficient as possible and his passion is coming up with killer account strategies.

Amelia Bright-Yassin

Co-founder | Creative Director

Amelia brings her hybrid creative-analytical skill set to driving measureable results for businesses. A communicator at her core, Amelia’s passion is for crafting campaigns that connect with audiences & yield big results.

We’re kinda serious…