The Challenge:

A therapist website design has a tall order: create a warm, welcoming experience that fosters trust and gently guides visitors towards action. This is not easy to do, especially when this first interaction is a digital one. How do we make a digital interaction feel authentic and, well, human?  This was the challenge facing the Ottawa counselling group, Family Therapy.

Their starting point? A text-heavy, outdated website that made key information hard to find and did little to create a personal, human connection with site visitors. Images were few and far between, and mostly depicted the negative symptoms and emotions their clients may be feeling. Crucial calls-to-action were lost in a text-filled page, with no strategic color blocking to draw the eye. Finally, valuable trust-building assets, such as video of CTV guest appearances, were buried in the blog archives.

The Solution:

Family Therapy’s newly redesigned website is infused with warmth and authenticity through the strategic use of images, video and uplifting content. Images now depict the positive outcomes clients seek, and add much needed visual elements to all web pages. The revamped homepage replaces a wall of text with skim-able images and headlines so that visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. Valuable, trust-building video assets now have a prominent place on key web pages, giving prospective clients an interactive experience with the Family Therapy counselors, even before they pick up the phone to call. Calls-to-action take strategic position on all web pages, to help guide visitors towards key conversion actions.


Therapist Website Design: By Humans, for Humans.

It’s essential for any service-based business to have a website that fosters trust and creates an authentic, human connection with visitors. Nobody likes to feel like a number, but cookie-cutter template websites can leave visitors feeling that way.

The challenge of creating a warm, personal website experience is even more crucial for counsellors and therapists. A customized, personal and engaging therapist website design is the foundation piece for reaching and converting more new clients online. Choosing a therapist is a highly personal decision, and a therapist’s website design must reflect this. Although a website is a digital product, it needs to feel like it was created by humans, for humans.