Today, we wanted to share a snapshot from one of our brainstorming sessions to show what goes on in the early stages of an ad campaign. Working with marker andĀ large sheets of paper might seem low-tech for a digital agency, but we’ve found thisĀ is a tried and true method for kicking off the creative process.

Working on paper like this at the start allows us to iterate quickly on concepts and solutions. As we chart out the path a user will take, from first click through to conversion, we aim to see the whole journey from their perspective.  

Keeping things low-tech at the start allows us to put a laser focus on the user’s experience.  

We sketch out the ad campaign as it will be experienced by the customer, and at each step we ask: Will this make sense to them? Is it compelling? Have we given them a strong reason to continue the journey? Are we answering their questions? etc. etc.

While the completed ad campaign is a high-tech digital creation, we want it to feel like a journey that was made for humans, by humans- not a cold, robotic series of pages. Starting the process on paper is a great way to keep our focus on creating a grounded, authentic campaign that truly connects with the audience.