Getting more new clients online starts with driving more new traffic from Google to your website, and there are 2 ways to get this traffic:

  1.  Increase your organic search engine ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and/or
  2. Pay to drive high-quality traffic to your website with a Paid Search (PPC) campaign.

Ideally, an online business will leverage the power of both SEO and PPC, as these two strategies complement and enhance each other:

A website with a quality SEO foundation and relevant SEO content with enjoy a lower cost-per-click in its PPC ad campaign.  A website that’s receiving lots of high-quality PPC traffic everyday will signal to Google that it’s providing a valuable user experience for visitors, which is a key metric in Google’s Search Engine ranking (SEO) criteria.

SEO: Your Long Term Success Plan

Google no longer rewards black hat SEO methods like keyword stuffing and creating unnatural backlinks through overseas link farms.  In the past, marketing agencies used these methods to push a website to the top of search results overnight; today, Google will actively lower the rank of any website that tries to “game” their algorithms in this way.

White hat SEO today is a long game; search engine rankings are won by earning Google’s trust with a website that engages visitors, is trusted by other reputable sites, and is instantly readable for search engine crawlers.

Our approach to SEO begins with a full website audit to identify and fix the parts of your website that are actively damaging your Google ranking. Once your website is established on a solid SEO foundation, we work with you to develop a custom SEO strategy, grounded in comprehensive research, and aimed at providing an outstanding user experience to your site visitors.

Kickstart your website SEO today with a free SEO audit. We’ll identify the problem areas on your site, and make recommendations for how you can improve your Search Engine rankings.

Or, if you’re ready to talk with us about your SEO goals, please contact us today.

PPC: It pays to be first.

Paid search ads have the power to make your business the first relevant option a searcher finds, and to engage searchers with a text ad that reflects what they’re looking for. With a paid search campaign, we are able to direct your advertising spend towards search terms that capture the best-quality traffic, ensuring that you make the most of every click.

What We Do

We offer full service Paid Search management including account set up, landing page design, ongoing management and optimization. We also provide innovative landing page solutions to convert campaign traffic into new clients, and we provide clear, accurate reporting that demonstrates your return on investment (ROI). 

We’ve developed a powerful Adwords management process to optimize your ad spend within the first 90 days of your campaign. We provide ongoing optimization so that your Adwords campaign consistently deliver new leads at a predictable, profitable rate.  We’ll also link your Adwords accounts with Google Analytics and set up conversion tracking to ensure we’re always on target.

Our Paid Search (PPC) Services include:


Account Set Up


Ad Copy Writing


Campaign / Ad Group Creation


Weekly Optimizations


Weekly / Monthly Reporting


Google Analytics Integration


Conversion Tracking Set Up


Competitor Research


Device, Location, Time & Language Targeting


Keyword Mining

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